It's Not Your Weight That's an Issue - How to Wear Leggings When You Have Some Curves

If you have toothpick-thin legs, then leggings are like the chocolate to your peanut butter - they are better together. However, if you like eating chocolate with peanut butter and have some extra curves, you might need to understand how to use leggings.

The crucial to making leggings work for you is to use the leggings with long tops, coats, and coats. If all else fails, remember that Spanx makes leggings.

Sport those leggings. Place on a pair of black leggings with a pair of low-top, all-black sneakers. Toss on an extra-large sweatshirt, an anorak jacket, and a pair of aviator sunglasses and playing around town, having everyone thinking, "How does she look that fantastic coming from the gym?" They do not have to understand that your gym subscription expiration year begins with a 19.

Pop those leggings. Make a pair of black leggings pop by wearing them with a brightly colored high heel, a brilliant clutch bag, and a long and extra-large chunky sweatshirt with dolman sleeves. Use your black leggings with brilliant blue high heels; a long, ivory, extra-large, chunky sweater; and an intense yellow clutch.
Prep those leggings. For a preppy look, wear your black leggings with a tweed shift dress and knee-high boots. To include a little edge to this preppy outfit, swap out the routine black leggings for black leather leggings. Knowing ways to wear leggings is easy if you have these 4 outfits to pick from. To produce the appearances above, here are all the pieces you will need: low-top, all-black sneakers; large sweater; anorak jacket; aviator sunglasses; suede, button-down blouse; black riding boots; long, large, chunky, dolman sleeve sweater; brilliantly colored high heels; intense clutch purse; tweed dress; and a white, button-up blouse. Read more:

The best ways to Look Great without Getting Lost in Trends

Wherever you look there are trendy, hip and rather daring blokes everywhere. From bold prints to unusual cuts and the sort of designs that only the brave can pull off; today's designers and high street shops have an unusually adventurous variety of clothes. For the average guy who avoids all this, men’s fashion can be really terrifying.

Thanks to a growing variety of celebrities, musicians and footballers; expectations are high. Men off any ages are today expected to make sure that they make as much effort as possible and do whatever they can to lead the design stakes. For lots of this is easy; seeing the catwalks, keeping a close eye on what your preferred celeb is using and tracking the current patterns presented in your high street store is amazing but for some ... it's a headache.